Catamount Womenaid

How to request assistance

Catamount Womenaid accepts requests for assistance from community validators, such as school nurses and guidance counselors and teachers, welfare officers, medical practices, social workers, faith leaders and community service agencies. We cannot accept a request directly from the person who needs assistance. Our maximum assistance is $600. Recipients are eligible once every 24 months. Please complete this fo‚Äčrm. If you don't hear back from Catamount Womenaid within 24 hours of submitting the request for assistance form, please email to follow up [email protected] . Our in-area towns are Barnstead, Deerfield, Epsom, Northwood, Pittsfield and Strafford.

Out of Area Requests

We will consider requests from out of our area, maximum amount is $300. But please review this list first to make sure there isn't a different Womenaid that covers that area or is closer to that area.